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direcConnect New York
Smart E-Mail Blast:
Proper PR Techniques and the best list in the business.

direcConnect is OMC's e-mail promotion service. It is used by musicians, music venues, and labels to deliver timely information about album releases, gigs, and more.

Who We Reach

OMC's distribution list reaches music and entertainment writers and editors at all print publications in the United States. Our New York City list, which is perfect for gig announcements, includes all of Connecticut, New Jersey, and Eastern Pennsylvania.

Our list comes directly from the number one source of public relations data and is updated regularly. It is not "padded" with extra names. There is no way to subscribe to the list.

Your communications will only reach writers and editors at major publications who write about music and entertainment.

What They Receive

We craft your release to be concise and newsworthy and deliver it using a proper press release format. The e-mail provides links for writers and editors to download a PDF version of the release as well as high-resolution  photography to include in a story.

The format is exactly what writers expect.

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Strategy and Extra Services

OMC will help you decide what to communicate in your release. If you are considering a series of releases, we can help you plan content and delivery dates. Just call 440.498.3395 to discuss - there is no extra charge for the consultation.

OMC can "work" the phones on behalf of your release; calling to help sell the story. The fact is that writers and editors like personal communication. They appreciate
those who take the extra step to discuss a story idea. 

Please call 440.498.3395 to discuss the fee for this service.

Options and Costs

We are confident that direcConnect offers the best target audience and the best delivery vehicle in the business. We offer a one-time Introductory Trial Campaign and competitive pricing on multiple campaigns.

E-Mail Only
Prices are for each individual send. OMC will work with you to determine whether to choose only the NYC Metro List or the National List.

  NYC Metro List National List
Introductory Trial E-Mail Campaign $79 -
Standard Individual Campaign $129 $299
Monthly Rate $119 $279
3-Month Rate $109 $259
6-month Rate $99 $239

E-Mail PLUS Follow-Up
For NYC Metro campaigns, OMC can place personal follow-up phone calls to writers and editors. For national campaigns, OMC can contact writers and editors via follow-up e-mails.

Please call us at 440.498.3395 for pricing.

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Why the direcConnect E-Mail Blast is better...

The List

The single biggest factor in the success of your campaign is the list. Yet, many services don't have access to quality public relations data.

These services often compile their own lists. You may even be on one of these lists, receiving e-mail announcements from musicians and clubs in the New York area.

The problem is: YOU are not a music writer or editor. Music writers and editors are the people you are paying to reach.

Our e-mail distribution lists come directly from the number one source of public relations data and contain current contact information for music writers and editors...period.

The Format

Writers and editors expect to receive news releases that are concise, newsworthy, and in proper PR format. Yet, many services send out long e-mails that are improperly formatted - which no writer or editor would bother to read.

OMC takes the time to craft your e-mail release in proper PR format, delivering information the way writers and editors expect it - clearly and concisely.

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OMC supports your campaign by hosting high resolution images and PDF of the release on our Web site. This makes it easy for a writer/editor to run a story - and editors like easy.

We will also report back to you on how the campaign performed: how many opened the e-mail, click links, and so on.

Call us at 440.498.3395 to get started,
or e-mail us!