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Artist Management

Prescious creative time can get wasted when musicians, actors, and filmmakers get caught up in business details. This can include reviewing proposals, managing merchandising and online sales, managing social media, keeping schedules, and so on.

Steven Orkin has 20 years of experience in business management, marketing, and merchandising. He spent two years in television, four years in corporate marketing, five years in major advertising agencies, and has ten years in artist management and marketing.

OMM works with a small client base. Our clients become like family. We forge these long-term relationships by understanding an artist's entire career scope. You could say that we know our artists better than they know themselves.

This allows us to see the big picture; to propose strategies, manage execution of those strategies, and act in many roles as a trusted advocate.

Each client has different needs. Let's talk and see if we're the right match for you.

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