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6.10.20 OMM Launches The Groove Masters on Zoom
  OMM has launched The Groove Masters, a Zoom-based series of master classes featuring many of the world's top musicians.

The Groove Masters was originally a response to the COVID-19 pandemic. That situation forced the cancellation of the international Drum Fantasy Camp, which OMM started in 2007. Drummers, guitar players, bass players, and more, can now attend three hour master classes limited to just 15 participants.

So far, instructors have included: Dave Weckl (Chick Corea/Mike Stern), Dave Garibaldi (Tower of Power), Mike Magnini (Dream Theater/Extreme), Peter Erskine (Weather Report/Diana Krall), Mark Guiliana (David Bowie/Brad Mehldau), Todd Sucherman (Styx), Dennis Chambers (Parliament/Santana), and more.

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2.1.20 OMM and Michael Tinholme Release David Bowie Tribute
OMM client Michael Tinholme has released a jazz/blues tribute to David Bowie. The tune, "Lady Stardust," is a classic from Bowie's 1972 album "The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars."

The tune and video feature longtime Bowie pianist Mike Garson, plus a roster of iconic jazz musicians including: bassist Edwin Livingston (Mary J. Blige/Peter Erskine), Mike Miller (Frank Zappa/Chick Corea), Gary Novak (Alanis Morissette/George Benson), and Billy Steinway (Annie Lennox/Larry Carlton).

8.11.19 OMM Wraps up 13th Annual Drum Fantasy Camp
  Drum Fantasy Camp 2019 has completed it's 13 consecutive year.

New to the DFC roster were three of the industry's best: Dennis Chambers (Parliament/Santana), Chad Wackerman (Frank Zappa/Allan Holdworth), and Gergo Borlai (Tony MacAlpine/Al DiMeola). On bass, Janek Gwizdala made his first appearance at DFC!

Returning to DFC for the tenth time was Journey drummer Steve Smith. Vocalist Chrissi Poland (Moby/Sam Moor), keyboard player Stu Mindeman (Kurt Elling), and guitar player Vinny Valentino (George Benson/Vital Information) returned as part of our all-star band!

As always, the camp featured two concerts, four days of small master classes, and three nights of jams where attendees from all over the world performed with our all-star band.

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3.1.19 OMM AccessCuba with Dave Weckl is Complete
  Twenty four attendees joined legendary drummer Dave Weckl for AccessCuba, a five day person-to-person exchange in Havana.

Our group, with attendees from all over the world, joined Dave for musical exchanges and site visits in Havana. Attendees came from the U.S., Canada, Romania, Sweden, Japan, and Lebanon!

The trip featured three live performances with Dave and several world-class Cuban musicians. In addition to historic site visits all over Havana, attendees also visits to several arts institutions, local restaurants, and plenty of streeet entertainment.

OMM will be producing a documentary about the trip. The documentary will be released in early 2021.
8.15.18 OMM Wraps Up 12th Annual Drum Fantasy Camp
  OMM completed its 12th annual Drum Fantasy Camp today.

The camp took place in Chicago at Vic's Drum Shop/The Music Garage and Martyrs' music venue. Participants of all ages came from all over the world to attend classes with Billy Cobham (Mahavishnu Orchestra), Todd Sucherman (Styx), Robert "Sput" Searight (Snoop Dog/Snarky Puppy), and Matt Garstka (Animals As Leaders).

The band featured James Genus (Herbie Hancock/Saturday Night Live), Vinny Valentino (Vital Information/George Benson), Chrissi Poland (Moby/Sam Moore), Stu Mindeman (Kurt Elling), Paul Mutzabaugh, and more.

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7.15.18 Frank Gambale Joins OMM Roster
Legendary guitar player Frank Gambale (Chick Corea Elektric Band/Return to Forever) has joined the OMM roster.

Mr. Gambale is one of the most respected jazz fusion guitar players of all time. He is also respected as a composer and world-class educator. OMM will help Gambale with communications and planning the release of new music.

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3.30.18 OMM Announces AccessCuba with Dave Weckl
  As part of the Drum Fantasy Camp brand, and working with Carlson Maritime Travel (Miami), OMM has constructed musical exchange opportunity with legendary drummer Dave Weckl.

The trip, which takes place January 13-18 in Havana, features music and art experiences in Cuba's capital city. Weckl will join the group for all of the experiences and he will collaborate/sit in with local musicians.

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1.19.18 Michael Tinholme Joins OMM Roster
  Singer Michael Tinholme has joined the OMM management roster.

Tinholme has recorded with legends such as Mike Garson (David Bowie), Gary Novak (Chick Corea/Alanis Morissette), Mike Miller (Boz Skaggs/Quincy Jones), and more. Orkin will work with Tinholme on developing live show opportunities and future album releases.

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8.10.17 OMM Completes 11th Annual Drum Fantasy Camp
  OMM completed its 11th annual Drum Fantasy Camp in Chicago. This was the third consecutive camp held at Vic's Drum Shop / The Music Garage and Martyrs' in Chicago.

Journey drummer Steve Smith was joined by Styx drummer Todd Sucherman, Living Colour drummer Will Calhoun, and Toto/Jeff Beck legend Simon Phillips. The band included Vinny Valentino (Vital Information/George Benson), Jimmy Haslip (Allan Holdworth/Yellowjackets), Stu Mindeman (Kurt Elling), and Chrissi Poland (Moby/Sam Moore).

Attendees came from all over the world for the event. Learn more at
7.30.17 OMM Launches Dave Weckl Online School
  OMM announced today that it has launched an online school in partnership with legendary drummer Dave Weckl.

OMM has managed business and marketing for Weckl since 2004. The school is a natural outgrowth of the work both Weckl and OMM have done to grow Weckl's social media presence - creating a platform to market more than 25 hours of HD lessons.

OMM is responsible for video production and direction, marketing, and all management functions. Learn more about the Dave Weckl Online School at:
9.9.16 OMM Chosen for Virgil Donati / Icefish Crowd Funding
  Building on the success of two major crowd funding campaigns with world-class drummers Dave Weckl and Mark Guiliana, OMM will kick off a new campaign this fall with progressive metal icon Virgil Donati.

The project is called Icefish. It is a collaboration between Donati and Italian musicians Marco Sfogli, Alex Argento, and Andrea Casali. OMM will plan and manage the entire campaign, including the generation of product offers, projections of income, marketing, fulfillment, and customer service.

Learn more about Virgil Donati here:

9.7.16 OMM Wraps Up Mark Guiliana Crowd Funding Campaign
  Mark Guiliana is one of the hottest drummers on the scene today. A member of the Donny McCaslin quartet, Mark and the band chosen by David Bowie to accompany the late singer on his final album Blackstar. He's also a regular contributor with jazz icons Avishai Cohen, Brad Mehldau, and more.

Working with Hudson Music, OMM planned, managed, and coordinated Guiliana's Pledge Music campaign. The campaign pre-sold Mark instructional book/video package (and several enhancements/upsells) to more than 1,500 drummers. Financially, the campaign raised 228% of goal.

You can view the project here: Guiliana's Web site is:

8.9.16 OMM Wraps Up 10th Year of Drum Fantasy Camp
  In 2007, OMM President Steven Orkin launched the first-ever Drum Fantasy Camp. The camp featured two of Orkin's music industry clients, legendary drummers Steve Smith (Journey/Vital Information) and Dave Weckl (Chick Corea/Mike Stern) plus other top drummers.

Today, the annual Drum Fantasy Camp attracts particiapants from up to 17 countries per year. The event features two concerts, three jams where participants get to perform, and four days of classes with some of the greatest drummers of all-time.

This year's camp featured Weckl, progressive metal icon Virgil Donati, Antonio Sanchez (Garmmy winner for the sountrack to "Birdman"), and Mark Guiliana (David Bowie/Brad Mehldau).

Learn more about Drum Fantasy Camp here:

7.19.16 NEW Web Site for Legendary Guitarist Mike Stern
  OMM accounced today that it has completed a new Web Site for legendary jazz guitarist Mike Stern.

OMM took over Stern's social media in May of 2016. The new Web site integrate social media while maintaining a simple presentation of Stern's many projects and storied career.

Stern is best know for his recordings and performances with Miles Davis, Steps Ahead, The Brecker Brothers, and the Mike Stern Band. You can learn more about him at:

3.19.16 OMM Launches Music Annex LA
  OMM has launched a new music education project called Music Annex LA.

Taking advantage of all the world-class musicians in the Los Angeles area, Music Annex LA presents full-day workshops for drummers, guitar players, keyboard players, bass players, and music engineers. All levels of experience are welcome!

Most classes take part at Phantom Recordings - the amazing full-service studio owned by legendary drummer Simon Phillips. Phantom has been utilized for recordings by Toto, Joe Satriani, and Phillips' own band - Protocol.

Go here to learn more!

8.11.15 OMM Completes Its Biggest Drum Fantasy Camp 
  OMM today wrapped up its largest and most successful Drum Fantasy Camp ever.

72 full-time attendees and 27 part-time attendees traveled from 16 countries to work with an all-star cast of instructors, including: Benny Greb, Mike Mangini, Jojo Mayer, Steve Smith, and Dave Weckl. The camp took place at the incredible Vic's Drum Shop in Chicago, IL. Two sold-out concerts took place at Martyrs' music club.

Go here to learn more about Drum Fantasy Camp:

5.1.15 Mike Stern Joins OMM Roster
OMM is now developing and managing social media for legendary guitarist Mike Stern. Stern is best know for his recordings and performances with Miles Davis, Steps Ahead, The Brecker Brothers, and the Mike Stern Band.

7.30.14 2014 Drum Fantasy Camp
  OMC completed its eighth U.S. Drum Fantasy Camp (ninth overall). The camp was held at Baldwin Wallace University in Berea, Ohio.

Instructors included: Dave Weckl, Virgil Donati, Chris Coleman, and Dave DiCenso. Musical guests included Russell Ferrante, Vinny Valentino, James Genus, and Chrissi Poland. Attendees came from 16 countries!

6.1.14 OMM Completes Dave Weckl Megaproject
  OMC was the project manager on the Dave Weckl and Jay Oliver crowd funding project. The project produced a CD entitled Convergence, plus instructional products, a behind-the-scenes movie, and much more.

Overall, the project raised double its original finacial goal and attracted more than 2,300 pledges from all over the world. Dave Weckl's Facebook page doubled in size to more than 400,000 fans, and the products have experieced great retail success.

8.20.13 Sunset Sound Session
  OMM is managing the Dave Weckl and Jay Oliver "Megaproject" through Pledge Music. The crowd funding campaign has been very successful and the project is coming along nicely.

Here is a video from the project; a remake of Stevie Wonder's classic "Higher Ground," featuring a drum duet with Dave Weckl and Chris Coleman - plus a host of world-class musicians.

8.15.13 OMM Wraps up Seventh Annual Drum Fantasy Camp
  OMC completed its seventh consecutive U.S. Drum Fantasy Camp last week. The company also ran a successful camp in Ankara, Turkey, in February.

Drumming instructors included Dave Weckl, Steve Smith, Thomas Lang, Aaron Spears, and Joe Goretti.

Learn more at

5.10.13 OMM Relocates to Los Angeles
  Orkin Marketing Consultants, LLC, has relocated to Los Angeles, California.

The company opened in Cleveland in 2004. OMC president Steven Orkin said "we look forward to growing our marketing consulting business in Southern California while remaining a truly global company."

3.10.13 OMM Completes Web Site for Arthur Lipner
  Arthur Lipner is one of the world's most respected vibe players. The Chronicle Herald (Nova Scotia) said "Lipner belongs in that rare category of master players that inclues Art Tatum and Oscar Peterson..."

Check out Lipner's site at: .

OMC will complete Lipner's Malletworks Web site in the summer of 2013.

2.19.13 OMM Crowdfunding Project Surpasses Goal
  For the first time in 14 years, legendary drummer Dave Weckl has reunited with keyboardist Jay Oliver to record a new album and create a DVD, playalong products for musicians, and more.

The project is being funded through Pledge Music, a leading crowdfunding company that specializes in music projects. OMC has been in charge of the planning, managment, and marketing of this project. It is currently funded at more than 150% of the original goal.

Click here to learn more!

2.10.13 OMC Wraps up First-Ever Drum Fantasy Camp in Turkey
  OMC started Drum Fantasy Camp in 2007. The camp, which attracts drummers of all ages from all over the world, is the world's largest and most prestigious drum camp.

Today, the camp wrapped up its first international program in Ankara, Turkey. Legendary drummers Thomas Lang, Jojo Mayer, and Steve Smith joined Turkish drummer Teymuralp Merter Fosforoglu on a five-day program at Ankara's beautiful Bilkent hotel.

Drummers, guitar players, and singers came from Turkey, England, Poland, Australia, and the United States for the program!

Learn more at .

5.1.11 OMC Completes Web site for Drummer Steve Smith
  OMC today launched a new Web site for legendary drummer Steve Smith.

Smith is best-known for his years in the rock group Journey. Since then, he has built his own jazz fusion band, Vital Information, into a global sensation while also playing with many of the world's finest jazz and world music artists.

Smith is also a leading educator and has released some of the best selling and most influential instructional products for drums. Modern Drummer has named him "one of the 25 best drummers of all-time."

Click here to visit Steve Smith's Web site.

8.15.10 OMC Wraps up 2010 Drum Fantasy Camp
  OMC wrapped up its fourth-annual Drum Fantasy Camp today. Instructors included Peter Erskine, Tommy Igoe, Thomas Lang, Jojo Mayer, and Dave Weckl. Drummer Joe Goretti taught his "career course," while sound engineer Dennis Moody taught a class relating to live and studio drum sound.

90 campers from more than 10 countries took part in two concerts, eight master classes, and three "jam nights." It was the largest Drum Fantasy Camp yet.

The opening concert featured legendary guitarist Mike Stern and bassist Tom Kennedy. Each instructor sat in the band, which played at Cleveland's House of Blues. The closing concert, held at Nighttown restaurant, featured Peter Erskine, Baron Browne, Chrissi Poland, and Vinny Valentino.

Baron, Chrissi, and Vinny also ran nightly jams where the campers got to play along.

Click here to learn more about the camp.

12.5.09 DirecConnect New York E-Mail Blast is Here
  DirecConnect is OMC's new e-mail promotion service. It is used by musicians, music venues, and labels to deliver timely information about album releases, gigs and more.

Click here to read more about this product.

12.1.09 OMC Completes Two New Web sites for Peter Erskine
  OMC announced today that it has completed two new Web sites for legendary drummer Peter Erskine.

Erskine appears on more than 500 albums with artists such as Chick Corea, Steely Dan, Pat Metheny, and Diana Krall. OMC designed and programmed Erskine's personal site and the site of his record company, Fuzzy Music.

For more information: and .

11.1.09 OMC Completes New Web Site for Tommy Igoe
  OMC announced today that it has completed a new Web site, MySpace page, and Facebook fan page for top drummer and bandleader Tommy Igoe.

Igoe leads the world-famous Birdland Big Band in New York City. Additionally, he has published several international best-selling instructional products for drummers through Hudson Music.

For more information:,, and click here for Igoe's Facebook Fan Page.

8.19.09 OMC Wraps up drumFantasy.09
  OMC announced today that it has wrapped up it's third annual Drum Fantasy Camp.

The camp, which featured OMC clients Tommy Igoe, Peter Erskine, Steve Smith, and Dave Weckl, plus drummer Dafnis Prieto, attracted 90 campers of all ages from 10 countries.

For more information about Drum Fantasy Camp: .

8.1.09 OMC Completes Web site for
Legendary Drummer Dave Weckl
  OMC announced today that it has completed a new Web site for legendary drummer Dave Weckl.

OMC created Weckl's previous site in 2006. "The new site utilizes a more direct approach to harvesting fans through social media," OMC President Steven Orkin said.

For more information about Dave Weckl: .

2.1.09 Tommy Igoe Joins OMC Client Roster
  OMC announced today that Tommy Igoe, one of the world's top drummers, has joined the OMC roster.

Igoe leads the world-famous Birdland Big Band in New York City. Additionally, he has published several international best-selling instructional products for drummers through Hudson Music.

OMC will be designing and new Web site and implementing a PR campaign for Igoe.

For more information:

10.1.08 OMC Completes PR Campaign for Trident Design, LLC
  OMC announced that it has completed a major holiday public relations campaign for Trident Design, LLC.

Trident is a modern invention lab located in Columbus, Ohio. Inventor/owner Christopher Hawker has brought many innovative consumer products to the market, including the PowerSquid. Trident's manifesto is to "Invent the Future" through the creation and distribution of products that "transform everyday objects into opportunities to enjoy life.”

OMC created and distributed press kits to the nation's top-150 newspapers plus hundreds of feature magazines. Learn more about Trident at .

8.27.08 OMC wraps up drumFantasy.08
  Orkin Marketing Consultants, LLC, completed it's second Drum Fantasy Camp today. The camp was held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel and Forum Conference Center in downtown Cleveland, Ohio.

More than 300 drummers took place in the camp, including 82 full-time campers for the five-day event. The camp also included a one-day experience featuring a three-hour "team clinic" and a double concert featuring Steve Smith and Vital Information, and guitarist Oz Noy with bassist Will Lee and drummer Dave Weckl.

Camp instructors included OMC clients Steve Smith, Dave Weckl, and Horacio Hernandez, plus drummers Tony Royster, Jr., Jamey Haddad, Ganesh Kumar, and Dave Brewer.

Learn more at: .

9.1.07 OMC wraps up first-ever Drum Fantasy Camp
  The first-ever Drum Fantasy Camp, featuring world-class drummers Dave Weckl, Steve Smith, Horacio Hernandez, and Jason Bittner, was a huge success. Orkin Marketing is proud to have created and planned this unique event.

Entitled drumFantasy.07, the camp was held at Seton Hall University in South Orange, NJ, from August 17-21.  109 campers took part in clinics, master classes, and "jam nights" where they played along side top industry pros.

The camp also featured three incredible concerts featuring drummers, Dave Weckl, Steve Smith, and Horacio Hernandez. Learn more at .

2.15.07 OMC to run e-marketing campaign for Parker Hannifin Corporation
  Orkin Marketing Consultants, LLC, a strategic marketing firm, announced today that it will create and execute an e-marketing campaign for Parker Hose, a pioneer and leader in the hose fittings market.

Parker Hose is headquartered in Wickliffe, Ohio.

4.1.06 OMC Completes Web site for legendary drummer Dave Weckl
  Orkin Marketing Consultants, LLC, a strategic marketing firm, announced today that it has completed a full Web site for legendary drummer Dave Weckl.

Weckl is best-known for his tenure in jazz groups led by legendary pianist Chick Corea and his own group, the Dave Weckl Band.

10.15.04 Orkin Marketing Consultants Begins work with Coral Reefer Peter Mayer
  Orkin Marketing Consultants, LLC, a strategic marketing firm, announced that it has been chosen to formulate and execute marketing plans for recording artist Peter Mayer. Mayer, a solo artist on his own label, Little Flock Records, is also currently a 15-year veteran of Jimmy Buffett’s “Coral Reefer Band."

10.15.04 Orkin Marketing Consultants Named Marketing Agency for Sounds In Silence, Inc.
Orkin Marketing Consultants, LLC, a strategic marketing firm, announced that it has been chosen to formulate and execute marketing plans for Sounds in Silence, Inc. Sounds In Silence is owned by keyboardist/pianist Jay Oliver.

10.15.04 Orkin Marketing Consultants Named Marketing Agency for The Players Circle, Inc.
  Orkin Marketing Consultants, LLC, a strategic marketing firm, announced that it has been chosen to formulate and execute marketing plans for Los Angeles-based The Players Circle, Inc. The Players Circle is co-owned by legendary drummer Dave Weckl and keyboardist/pianist Jay Oliver.

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"Higher Ground"
Featuring Dean Brown, Chris Coleman, Brandon Fields, Raffia Ford, Jimmy Johnson, Eric Jorgensen, Michael McGuffey, Chrissi Poland, Abdul Hamid Royal, and Nita Whitaker.

Michael Tinholme
"Lady Stardust"

Featuring Mike Garson, Edwin Livingtson, Mike Miller, Gary Novak, and
Billy Steinway

Dave Weckl Band
Live in St. Louis 2019
"Big B Little B"

Featuring Buzz Fieten, Tom Kennedy, Gary Meek, Jay Oliver, and Dave Weckl

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