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Web Design and Web Marketing

Shopping for a Web site designer/Webmaster can be a frustrating experience. There are endless choices in terms of design and function, and many musicians end up stranded when it comes time to update their sites.

Take Control

OMM has designed Web sites for drumming legends Dave Weckl, Steve Smith, Peter Erskine, and Tommy Igoe. We design clean Web sites with easy-to-edit HTML. We'll even teach you how to edit your site if you desire to have full control of it at all times.

After all: it's YOUR site!

Click here to open Dave Weckl's site. Click here to open Steve Smith's site.

Click here to open Arthur Lipner's site.

We host our sites through GoDaddy, the worldwide leader in Web hosting. We can work with another reputable company if you desire. We do not mark up hosting services - they are billed directly to you by the hosting company.


We tailor each site to meet the needs and goals of each group/musician. But no matter what your site looks like, one thing remains a constant: we will integrate your entire Web presence.

This includes promoting online sales, harvesting fans with automatic e-mail lists, integrating with Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Reverb Nation, and more. We also tie-in Google Analytics and give you access to your Web stats.

Market and Sell

OMC can set you up with marketing campaigns on all of the major search engines.  We can set up a shopping cart solution to help sell product.

 Call us at 440.487.6536 to discuss your project,
or write to Steven Orkin at steve@orkinmarketing.com

And Social Networking?

OMM can manage and grow your social networking accounts organically. We can help harvest fans and engage them with meaningful content and offers.

OMM's Web sites are designed to create parity between all of your sites so that you have reliable communication tools. Let us show you how to make the most of these tools.

Crowd Funding

Thinking about a crowd funding campaign for music or film? OMM can help.

We ran a highly successful campaign for jazz artists Dave Weckl and Jay Oliver - returning 200% of the original goal and creating new merchandising opportunities.

How About Seach Engines?

OMM Web sites feature design techniques that are easy for the search engines to pick up. Don't be fooled by companies selling expensive optimization services and tools.

The number one factor that determines your place in the search engines is the volume of qualified traffic to your site versus other sites that fall into similar traffic patterns.

The best way to optimize your place in search engines is to drive more traffic. OMM can come up with ways to achieve this, including pay-per-click campaigns and traditional marketing.

Why OMM?

OMC has more than 15 years of experience and handles works with some of the biggest names in the business.

We offer close, personal attention, and guarantee your satisfaction.