Orkin Marketing/Management

Strategic and Very Personal Artist Management

Artist management can mean many things. To some, it means fielding offers, being a spokesperson, and pursuing bookings. At OMM, it means: understanding the client better than the client understand him/herself, taking ownership of the client's image wherever it appears, being able to speak for the client as the client would want to, and working intimately at all hours to drive the client forward...strategically.

The Strategic Part...

This is what sets us apart. Strategy is the concept of defining, organizing, and pursuing a direction. Steven Orkin learned and refined this art over ten years in the corporate and advertising agency world. It involves listening to the client, understanding their goals, asking tough questions and challenging the client to think dimensionally. The end result is a well-articulated written plan.


With a plan in place, OMM works in several areas: web site and social media development, press releases and traditional media, video production, contract review/negotiation, and yes...fielding offers.

Contact Us

Send us a quick note and let us know what's on your mind. We can set up a quick Zoom meeting at your convenience.

Fun at Work

A few videos/projects we've had the pleasure of working on...

  • Dave Weckl and Jay Oliver
    "Higher Ground"
  • "Flies On The Studio Wall"
  • "Lady Stardust"
    David Bowie Remake
  • Dave Weckl Band
    Live Concert